Foot Locker Cross Country Championships

Andrew Berberick           Midwest Regional

National Finish: 17 Time:15:54
Regional Finish: 7 Time:15:26

Hometown: Littleton, CO
High School: J. K. Mullen High School
Grade: 12

800m State Champ
3x 800m All State 
All State XC

Hobbies: Art, photography, skiing

Running goal: NCAA Champ, Olympics
Superstition: Listen to Beetles

Andrew Berberick
Overall feelings about the race: Great! Just being able to line up with some of America's best inspired me and gave me a positive inItial outlook. It was i different kind of racing overall with the amount of competition and the difficult course and I found myself in last place at around the 2 mile. I felt like dropping out at that point but got a second wind and managed to pull through on the second go-around of the steep downhill and kick myself back into seventeenth.
Best part of the race:  The last 500 yards was the most exciting with all the people screaming and I found a new gear. The course itself was awesome and a lot of fun with the way footlocker orchastrates itself and the variation in terrain.
The FLCC Experience:  It has been incredible. I remember coming through the line at the midwest regional and jumping in excitement because I would be able to take part in the experience everyone had been talking about. They make one feel really proud to be a runner and there is a feeling like no other in the way footlocker treats its athletes. 

Personal note:  I really want to thank my mom for teaching me to control my emotions and nerves, my father for always being there for me ever since I was a little kid and experiencing life as one of my best friends, my brother for being a role model for me eventhough he's younger, and my coach for always being there to help emotionally and athletically.


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