Foot Locker Cross Country Championships

Aisling Cuffe           Northeast Regional

National Finish: 12 Time:18:03
Regional Finish: 3 Time:17:39

Hometown: Cornwall on Hudson, NY
High School: Cornwall Central High School
Grade: 10

Division 3 Champion
NYS Class A runner - up 
Orange County Champion

Hobbies: All Kinds of sports

Running goal: Olympics
Superstition: lucky sea horse socks

Aisling Cuffe
Overall feelings about the race: I started a little fast, which probably killed my chances of finishing in the top ten. I wasn't patient enough in the beginning. The rest of the race was mostly me being passed by other people. At about half way, I was in either 11th or 12th, and baisically kept that spot, but lost ground slowly and surly over the second half of the race. Other than these negatives, I was happy that I could hold off any one else and still finish with an all american title.
Best part of the race:  I would have to say the finish. Even though i was dead out tired and hadn't finished as high as i wanted to, it felt great running through the funnel they had set up and running under the footlocker sign. This made me realize that i had just ran in the best race in the country.
The FLCC Experience:  Being in san diego has been absolutely amazing. The hotel is great. The rooms are big and spacious and realy fancy. Each of the dinners they have had for us so far have been the best dinners I have ever had. All the people here, both finalists and helpers, are really nice and completely dedicated and focused to the success of the runners for the race. I haven't been to the beach, pool, or ice skating rink yet, but I have heard nothing but compliments about them. I really hope I make it back next year!!  

Personal note:  I just want to say thanks so much for putting up with all of the traveling for my races and support you have gave me all season long. I am greatful for everything you have done to help me.


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