Foot Locker Cross Country Championships

Ben Furcht           Northeast Regional

National Finish: 31 Time:16:07
Regional Finish: 10 Time:15:53

Hometown: Haverford, PA
High School: Lower Merion High School
Grade: 12

XCC 15:08
2008 District Chaml 
2008 1600m Central League Champ

Hobbies: Running, Playing Music

Running hero: Emil Zapotek
Superstition: warm up in same outfit

Ben Furcht
Overall feelings about the race: I'd say it went pretty well. Being the last qualifier out of the northeast, the expectations weren't too high, but I had a plan and thought I executed it well so I'm definitely satisfied with 31st. I went out pretty slowly with hopes of having the energy to pass the people who went out too fast. I started passing people in the second loop, and when I got to the hill I really pushed hard. I made it up the hill and continued to push. Then I opened up a lot on the downhill and used that to start my kick.
Best part of the race:  I'm definitely happy with my last half mile. My plan involved moving really hard up the hill the second time and then use the downhill to start my kick. It worked out pretty well and I'm happy with how it went.
The FLCC Experience:  Awesome! This is my first time in southern California and it is unbelievable. The hotel is really nice, and most of all, all the other guys are really cool. I wasn't really sure what to expect since this is my first time here, but I've had a great time. 

Personal note:  Basically, thanks for all the support. I've had a ton of fun and everyone has been unbelievably helpful the entire time.


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