Foot Locker Cross Country Championships

Emily Lipari           Northeast Regional

National Finish: 11 Time:17:53
Regional Finish: 9 Time:18:14

Hometown: Greenvale, NY
High School: Roslyn High School
Grade: 11

2 x 2000m Outdoor State Champ
1500m Outdoor State Champ 
2 x XC and Federation State Champ

Hobbies: Soccer, Clarinet

Running hero: Ryan Hall, Pre, Billy Mills
Running goal: NCAA All-American

Emily Lipari
Overall feelings about the race: going into this race i knew it was going to be a tough field of runners but i was more excited then i was nervous. At the start of the race my legs felt great but then after the first mile and a half i started to drop off a bit. last year i came in sixth at this race and i was returning hoping to come in the top five but that didn't happen. i guess i was happy with the end because i still managed to get all american and have been through alot in the past two weeks. i was just happy to get an oppertunity to come back here to run.
Best part of the race:  the best part of my race was the first mile, i didn't go out too hard and i was at the right pace. i was in the front pack and i thought i was going to reach my goal for this race until they started serging after the first mile
The FLCC Experience:  FootLooker is a great experiance you come out here not only to run but to meet other people. comming out here i didn't come out here foucused on running but on having a good time. i have met some people out here from all over the county that i hope to stay friends with over the years. going home this weekend im going to miss everyone and all the fun we had. meeting the people here was probably the best experiance because everyone has something in common other then running and everyone is so friendly and makes you feel at home. having the oppertunity to run out here for a second time was great because its almost like a vacation from all the stress you have at home 

Personal note:  i know that im a pain to deal with weather or not im racing but im happy that my friends, family and coaches are able to deal me. espically after a bad race they are there to cheer me up and are always there to make me simile and make me feel better. i want to thank them for pumping me up before races and dealing with my afterwards.


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