Foot Locker Cross Country Championships

Shane Moskowitz           West Regional

National Finish: 14 Time:15:47
Regional Finish: 5 Time:15:47

Hometown: Bremerton, WA
High School: Central Kitsap High School
Grade: 11

2008 State XC Runner-up
District & League Champ 
Border Calsh Runner-up

Running hero: Bernard Lagat, Dathan Ritzenhein
Superstition: waffles w/ peanut butter and syrub

Shane Moskowitz
Overall feelings about the race: My race overall went extremely well place wise, top 15 was my goal. But physically I felt awesome through the first mile but after running the first hill I struggle tremendously to keep my position.
Best part of the race:  The best part of the race was the the first mile because it went out conservative and thats how i like running races. But also the terrain is great because it feels more like a cross country course because the constant switch from grass, bark concrete and finally sand.
The FLCC Experience:  My experience at Foot Locker was amazing. Meeting and competing with the top guys in the nation is the most adrenaline like feeling i have ever had during a race environment. its also a weird feeling to know that all the guys i look up to during the season; looking at dyestat daily, and knowing that they are all "human" is refreshing and i guess a confident boost. finally i think the greatest feeling i have had during my experience was knowing that i am one of the "best." 

Personal note:  I have a huge support group in my hometown of silverdale/bremerton, and i would like to say thanks to all of them. not trying to sound cliche, but i honestly do think that the support is a the fire to my running; running to try and not dissapoint them is a big part of why i dislike losing. so thank you very much to all them because they got me here as well as my amazing coach, who i definately couldnt have done with out his guidance and encouragement. thanks to all to who "believed in me."


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