Foot Locker Cross Country Championships

Alex Ott           South Regional

National Finish: 39 Time:17:30
Regional Finish: 6 Time:15:08

Hometown: Weyers Cave, VA
High School: Turner Ashby High School
Grade: 12

3x mile
1 cross country 
2nd runner up

Hobbies: Hiking, camping, rock climbing, 4 wheeling

Running hero: Ryan Hall
Running goal: Olympics

Alex Ott
Overall feelings about the race: not very well, i dint not feel very well, so now im just looking forward to track and trying to forget the race
Best part of the race:  the start was fun, running in the pack with 40 best runners in the nation
The FLCC Experience:  it was defiantly a great experience, and im just glad that after all these years i finally got to run in san diego with a lot of support from foot locker 

Personal note:  i just want to thank my family, my coach, friends and all of the people who know me for all the support and encouragement they gave me throughout all the years i ran cross country


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