Foot Locker Cross Country Championships

Thomas Porter           South Regional

National Finish: 3 Time:15:26
Regional Finish: 4 Time:15:01

Hometown: Fredericksburg, VA
High School: Mountain View High School
Grade: 12

4 tim commonwealth dist. Champ
3 x NW region champ 
2008 VA AAA champ

Hobbies: Soccer, ultimate frisbee, band

Running goal: Olympic Trials
Most influential person/people: Michael David Porter

Thomas Porter
Overall feelings about the race: The first 2 miles breezed by without much thought, I was pacing off the front pack comfortably and pushed into second just before the 2 mile mark. Then reality kicked in the last mile as I was fighting to hold onto the third spot with several runners tailing.
Best part of the race:  Crossing the road heading into the finish with around 150m to go, I passed my Dad who told me to "Leave no doubt," which has been the team motto for the season. I gave it a last chance to seize third and held on through the finish.
The FLCC Experience:  Being a veteran of two years here the weekend's gone by smoothly. I've had an easier time holding to the schedule and been a lot more confident in my skin sitting among the best in the country. It's been a pleasure hanging with the boys of the South. 

Personal note:  THANK YOU.


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