Foot Locker Cross Country Championships

Chris Schwartz           West Regional

National Finish: 8 Time:15:41
Regional Finish: 1 Time:15:38

Hometown: Bakersfield, CA
High School: Foothill High School
Grade: 12

2007 State Champ
2008 Western Champ 
3x SEYL XC Champ

Running hero: Pre
Running goal: Olympics

Chris Schwartz
Overall feelings about the race: I had a great race! I thought it was going to be tough and it was.
Best part of the race:  The finish was my the best part for me beccuase I wanted to get done with the race.
The FLCC Experience:  It was a GREAT feeling! I had funwith the people and the kid. 

Personal note:  I want to thank them for supporting me and caring for me. Thanks!!


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