Foot Locker Cross Country Championships

Jessica Tonn           West Regional

National Finish: 10 Time:17:53
Regional Finish: 4 Time:18:31

Hometown: Paradise Valley, AZ
High School: Xavier College Prep
Grade: 11

2008 State XC Champ
2008 State 800/1600/3200 Track Champ 
AZ Republic XC Runner of Year

Running hero: Kari Hardt, Suzy Favor-Hamilton
Running goal: 4 Year FLCC Finalist

Jessica Tonn
Overall feelings about the race: Overall I think that my race was the best this season. I executed my race strategy perfectly and stayed relaxed throughout the entire race. The plan was to go out conservatively in the first mile in the top 30, and then just try and pick off five runners each mile to make it into the top 15. After the half way point, I realized I felt great and I just pushed it all the way home to get top 10!
Best part of the race:  The best part of my race was probably the last mile, becuase I felt really stong and I passed around 7 girls to make it into the top 10.
The FLCC Experience:  My footlocker experience has been amazing! I couldn't ask more a more fun group of girls to have on the West team this year. I think the most important thing that I have learned from my three years at Footlocker would be to just have fun and embrace the people around you! I remember being super nervous my freshman and sophomore year, but now that I am a junior I was more relaxed and excited about the race and just had fun! I know im going to walk out of here with long term friends and hopefully some of the girls and I will meet up in college down the road! The professional athletes that serve as our Footlocker Regional Captains were amazing this year... we got to hang out with Sarah Hall and she was so inspirational. Suzy Hamilton is always the sweetest! She gave all of the girls big good luck hugs before the race and just told us to relax and have fun... which I really took to heart. Overall, Footlocker was amazing and every year I always come out of San Diego with the greatest memories and new friends :) 

Personal note:  I'd just like to tell everyone that has supported me throughout my highschool career thank you so much! Especially my coache Dave Vansickle for making running so much fun and Jeff Messer for believing in me when it's hard for me to believe in myself through the ups and downs of my season, he has done so much for me for the past five years. I also want to thank my family, my parents do so much for me to make sure im pursuing my dream, and sometimes I take that for granted. Margot and Steve Kelly have been so great in supporting me at my meets and I don't think I could ever thank them enough! I really want to thank my friends Libby, keeley, and kaitlin who have cheered me on and they really know how hard it is for me to sacrifice our time together for running! With all these people and their support, running is so much fun and I love it more and more each day!! ...and Thanks to everyone at Footlocker for making this the most unbeliveable experience every year, this makes everything we have sacrifced and all the hard work truly worth it! :)


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