Foot Locker Cross Country Championships

Zachary Torres           West Regional

National Finish: 16 Time:15:48
Regional Finish: 9 Time:15:52

Hometown: La Crescenta, CA
High School: Crescenta Valley High School
Grade: 12

2x Pacific League Champ
3x All CIF 
2x All State

Running hero: Meb Keflezighi
Superstition: same songs since 7th grae

Zack Torres
Overall feelings about the race: I am happy with the effort I put in this race because I left nothing in the tank at the finish; my diving finish shows that. I am disappointed that I did not make being all american, but I am ready for track season and I loved racing in this race with so many amazing athletes. I really moved up in the race at the last mile, especially with 800 to go. All of us were going so fast; it was so surreal to be going that fast and only be 30th at the mile!
Best part of the race:  When the race was over and when all my friends and family were there to tell me great job.
The FLCC Experience:  AMAZING... Nothing in the world can beat this experience- hanging around so many amazing athletes. It feels almost as a reward for all of my hard work. Hanging around all these athletes who are all so competitive is the greatest part of the whole weekend; because all of us become friends and know that we will be around for all our college and professional careers. 

Personal note:  Mom, dad, Joe and nina,Thank you so much for all your support and for coming to every race. Coach Evans, I wouldn't be here without you. All the guys and girls Varsity- thank you so much for coming to the race. All my friends have been there for me since the get-go; and I owe my life to you guys.


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