Foot Locker Cross Country Championships

Taylor Wallace           West Regional

National Finish: 20 Time:18:24
Regional Finish: 9 Time:18:50

Hometown: Klamath Falls, OR
High School: Henley High School
Grade: 12

Gator XC Athlete of Year
2x State XC Champ 
3x State 1500/ 300m Champ

Superstition: Same socks/sports bra
Most influential person/people: Jesus

taylor wallace
Overall feelings about the race: it went pretty well. just getting here was amazing. But if i had to do it over again i wish i would of ran the last mile harder and would have made it into the top 15.
Best part of the race:  the best part of my race would probably have to be the start and the last 500 meters of the race
The FLCC Experience:  it definely has been an amazing experience. i didn't think that i would have made it here 3 months ago becasue of my injury. but i will remember this experience forever. meeting the top 40 girls in the nation was just a great experience, and i'll see these girls in the future and will race them in college. great athletes have come from footlocker and i'm just greatful to have had the chance to be apart of it and meet the best 80 runners in the nation. 

Personal note:  without my dad, mom, brother and sister and my best friend kelsey i would have not been able to have made it here. they have encouraged me and have made me to the person i am today. i am so greatful to be apart of such an amazing family. they have pushed me and without them i would not be as fast as i am. i'd also like to thank my coaches ron smith and bob freirich for believing in me and coaching me to make me better.


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