Foot Locker Cross Country Championships

Jessica Zangmeister           Midwest Regional

National Finish: 26 Time:18:30
Regional Finish: 7 Time:17:55

Hometown: Fairview Park, OH
High School: Fairview High School
Grade: 12

2 Mile State Runner Up
4th Place in State XC 
Indoor State 2 Mile Champion

Hobbies: Skiing, Biking, Swimming, Baking, Reading, Volunteering at Fairvi

Most influential person/people: Dad
Superstition: Raisin Bran Crunch

Jessica Zangmeister
Overall feelings about the race: I was so happy to be able to run in a race that I have closely followed all throughout my high school running career. I have so much respect and admiration for all of the athletes that have competed in Footlocker, and now I can finally say that I am one of the few!!
Best part of the race:  I enjoyed the whole race, but my favorite part was the very start. Usually I'm a little nervous before the start of a race, but today I felt so thankful and blessed to be able to stand at the same starting line with so many amazing runners.
The FLCC Experience:  The Foot Locker experience is definitely one that I will cherish for years to come. I have met so many kind and hard working people who put their heart and soul into the sport they love.  

Personal note:  I would like to thank my family: my mom, dad, and brother Jason for always believing in me and giving me the initial incentive to run with passion and dedication. They have always been there for me at every race cheering me on and encouraging me with positive words. I know that I would not be at the level I am today without their continuing support.


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