Chelsea Ley           Northeast Regional

National Finish: 7 Time:17:38
Regional Finish: 3 Time:18:33

Hometown: Clarksboro, NJ
High School: Kingsway Reg HS
Grade: 12
Personal Records:
Personal Records
3200m: 10:18
So.Jersey Runner of the Year
2x FLCC Finalist 
5000m Indoor Champ

chelsea Ley
Overall feelings about the race: I was very pleased with my race. With it being my senior year and last high school xc race. I wanted to give it everything that I had and have no regrets this season and close it off with a great race and I feel I did that.
Best part of the race:  Probably the first mile because I felt great and all the people cheering and yelling just got you so hyp and ready to do the best that you could.
The FLCC Experience:  I was lucky enough to enjoy the whole footlocker experince three times. Each year it seemed to just get better and better the people that you meet and the way they treat you here is just something you cannot even put words to. I loved everything about this experince and I would never trade anything for the great times I had a footlocker. Thanks to this race it has changed my life and made me a stronger and better runner altogether.  

Personal note:  I would just like to thank my family for coming all three years and supporting me, always being there for me no matter what.


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