Chelsey Sveinsson           South Regional

National Finish: 2 Time:17:07
Regional Finish: 1 Time:16:53

Hometown: Dallas, TX
High School: Greenhill HS
Grade: 11
Personal Records:
Personal Records
1500m: 4:18
3x FLCC Finalist
2x Gatorade XC Runner of the Year 
4th Place World Youth Championship

Chelsey Sveinsson
Overall feelings about the race: The race went well. I've heard from a lot of people that the finish was the best they've seen in FL history. I ran the best that I could today but unfortunately my best was second best. But this is only one race; there's many more down the road.
Best part of the race:  The best part of the race was from the bottom of the hill to right before the finish when I thought that I was about to win. It was so close I could almost touch the finishing tape. BUT I will use that moment to help moviate me in the coming seasons.
The FLCC Experience:  This is my third Foot Locker this year. I always love coming back to this meet where I can hang out and run againt girls who share my passion for running. I am already looking forward coming back next year. 

Personal note:  To my mom: Thank you for always being supportive. You always make sure to be there for me at my meets, whether it's a local meet or FL in San Diego. I appreciate you more than anyone else in my life because after all the races, good and baaaaaaaaddd, you're my one and only true supporter. I LOVE you. To my coaches, Mike Krueger and Jason Yaffe: After talking to some of the athletes here at FL I realized that some of them don't even have a coach to train them during the post-season! This made me realize how lucky I am that I have TWO coaches that not only write the workouts but do them with me! Thank you both for all that you've done for me. I feel that you've become more than just my coaches but also an extension of my family. A Gazillion thanks and I hope you're both up for another kick-a** track season.


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