Jessica Tonn           West Regional

National Finish: 13 Time:17:57
Regional Finish: 5 Time:18:07

Hometown: Paradise Valley, AZ
Xavier College Prep
Personal Records:
Personal Records
1600m: 4:50.42
3200m: 10:25.85
2x State XC Champ
Wendy's HS Heisman National Finalist 
4x FLCC Finalist

Jessica Tonn
Overall feelings about the race: In general my race went really well! I stuck to the plan I had the whole time going in, which was to start out in the top 20-25 runners and work my way up. I went out conservatively the firist 800 and mile then focused on making my last 3000 meters my strongest. I really pushed myself hard in the last mile of the raced and finished in 13th place. Even though I was 10th last year, I am still really pleased with my finish, it shows that i have really stayed consistent my four years of high school cross country.
Best part of the race:  The best part of my race was the second half. After the first mile in a half I pushed myself and went from 20th place to 13th place!
The FLCC Experience:  Every year it gets better! I would have to say that this is the race I look forward to the most all cross country season, simply because Footlocker focuses on making this an experience for the runners that we will never forget. Making it to Footlocker Nationals all four years makes me realize how fortunate I am, and that I am apart of its history. I would like to thank Footlocker for making my high school cross country career so special, and creating an event where the top runners in the nation can spend time together and share wonderful memories that will last a lifetime! 

Personal note:  Thank you for everything, you guys have made my senior year, and every year so amazing. My parents and brother especially are so supportive and I know you guys support me 100% no matter what. I would like to thank my coaches Jeff Messer, Dave Vansickle, and Haley Paul for being the best coaches I could ever ask for, the things you do the team and I are unbelieveable. And of course I couldn't forget Margot Kelly, of Milesplit, and Steve Kelly for being my biggest fans. Margot you do so much for the sport and high school athletes, having a great website like Milesplit is so neat for all of the runners. And last but not least my best friends Keels and Libbs, I love you guys! :) And definiltey Steve Magnuson and Brian Shrader for being my bestest friends from AZ! It's been fun Footlocker, thanks again for everything! :)


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