Julie Nacouzi           West Regional

National Finish: 25 Time:18:15
Regional Finish: 8 Time:18:24

Hometown: Santa Rosa, CA

Personal Records:
Personal Records


Julie Nacouzi (like "Jacuzzi")
Overall feelings about the race: For my Western team, we unsuccessfully attempted to have a runner(s) in the top 10 and effectively, came in last. For myself, I achieved my 2 goals: beat Jacque Taylor and not be last.
Best part of the race:  When I passed Jacgue Taylor in the first mile because that motivated me.
The FLCC Experience:  The time of socializing, bonding, and enjoying this incredible experience at an expensive hotel with fast runners was during my stay at the luxurious Hotel Del Coronado. Footlocker cleverly makes this feel like not just a national race, but a relaxing vacation. Competitors can be friends. 

Personal note:  Thanks for watching my race electronically on the computor. Ma, you make soooo... much effort to watch me and everyone else too...Melanie, Leila, George, Michelle (and Eric), Daddy, Sami, Rami!!! Happy Birthday MA and MELANIE.


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