Karlie Garcia           West Regional

National Finish: 15 Time:18:00
Regional Finish: 3 Time:18:02

Hometown: Roseville, CA

Personal Records:
Personal Records


Karlie Garcia
Overall feelings about the race: I think that my race went well. I was very happy with getting top 15. I liked the high compitition, I think overall it makes you a better runner when you are pushed in races.
Best part of the race:  The best part of my race was the hill which we repeated twice because I moved up several places each time and I also liked crossing the finish because the feeling of accomplishment is amazing!
The FLCC Experience:  My overall Foot Locker Experience has been fantastic! The people here are extremely generous and willing to help you, and the runners are all really friendly. Also, the free clothes are great!  

Personal note:  I would say thank you for all of your support and encourgement.


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