Kelsey Lakowske           Midwest Regional

National Finish: 6 Time:17:33
Regional Finish: 5 Time:17:52

Hometown: Boulder, CO
High School: Boulder HS
Grade: 11
Personal Records:
Personal Records
1600m: 5:01
3200m: 10:49
2008 USATF JO National Champ
2009 XC Champ 
2009 3200m Champ

Kelsey Lakowske
Overall feelings about the race: Well - it wasn't the best race of my life, but nothing went wrong which is a relief in itself.
Best part of the race:  The end! The crowds and energy made it surreal
The FLCC Experience:  Amazing. The staff did a remarkable job at making the experience seem phenomonal - 'epic'. My favorite part was getting to know the other girls. They took away the tension by giving us a team so I felt like I really connected to runners as opposed to us being at eachother's throats 

Personal note:  Not really, haha. It was a great experience.


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