Maddie Meyers           West Regional

National Finish: 23 Time:18:12
Regional Finish: 7 Time:18:23

Hometown: Seattle, WA

Personal Records:
Personal Records


Maddie Meyers
Overall feelings about the race: I thought that my race went pretty well. I wan't coming in with any high expectations on how I was going to do. So, coming in 23rd was such a great surprise and I loved every part of it.
Best part of the race:  The best part about my race was running through the 2nd and 3rd mile. I had taken the start at a good nice pace so i was able to pick up the pace towards the end.
The FLCC Experience:  Foot Locker was a blast. Everyone here was nice and so helpful. Every day was a great experience. 

Personal note:  Thanks for all of your support! Thank you Mom, Dad, Kayla, Isa, all my great coaches, and my friends!


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