Megan Morgan           West Regional

National Finish: 17 Time:18:02
Regional Finish: 2 Time:17:59

Hometown: Del Mar, CA
Torrey Pines
Personal Records:
Personal Records
1600m: 5:00
3200m: 10:31
2008 FLCC Finalist
CA State D1 Team Champ 
State XC Runner-Up

Megan Morgan
Overall feelings about the race: I was slightly disappointed with my race. Physically I did not feel like I had a great day but mentally I stuck with it and did the best I coudl. But I was happy to have the opportunity to compete in such a historic race and against such a talented field.
Best part of the race:  I had a pretty strong start. Usually I fall way behind in the initial sprint but today I got out and got a good position early on, unfortunately I wasn't able to hold that position though.
The FLCC Experience:  It has been an amazing weekend. They have treated us like celebrities and Olympians- every aspect of the weekend is motivating and inspirational. The incredible people we've gotten to meet along with the many memorable experiences both on and off the race course have made for an unforgettable weekend! 

Personal note:  Thank you all for your support and dedication to my success. Thank you to all my amazing teammates, family and friends who came out to cheer me on today! And especially thank you to my parents, Bill and Gretchen, for their unwavering love, support, and encouragement in helping me to become the best athlete I can be. I love you all!!!


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