Steve Magnuson           West Regional

National Finish: 12 Time:15:38
Regional Finish: 7 Time:15:40

Hometown: Oro Valley, AZ
Ironwood Ridge
Personal Records:
Personal Records
1600m: 4:18
3200m: 9:08
2x FLCC Finalist
State XC, 1600m, 3200m Champ 

Steve Magnuson
Overall feelings about the race: Finishing the race I had mixed emotions about my performance. I started promisingly, last year I was 10 seconds behind the pack, and this year I was atleast tagging along on the back. During the middle-late stage of the race I began to feel pretty crappy and just kind of sluggish. I felt like I lost a lot of time between the 1.5-2.5 mile markers but was happy when I found a little energy to atleast have a solid finish.
Best part of the race:  The best part of my race was easily the finish. I started to feel pretty good with about 400m left and was able to pass 4-6 guys going into the finish.
The FLCC Experience:  I can not thank the good people at Footlocker and Saucony enough for the experience they have provided for us. To be surrounded with all these great athletes in this kind of championship environment is unbelievable. It is crazy to have all these successful professional runners just walking around the hotel offering support and being completely available to answer any of your questions. Having so many Arizona kids here with me, made my time in San Diego that much more special. I know I have met some friends I will keep forever. I could go on about how much this event means to me, however it is all coming to a close soon and I really don't want to start crying yet.  

Personal note:  Thank you Mom and Dad for absolutely everything you have done to get me here. Your support for what I do really shows in the meals you provide, your near perfect attendence to my meets, buying my shoes, getting me to the meets, and all the other little things that I promise have not gone unappreciated. Thank you Jill for atleast pretending that you care about my running, you are a beautiful person and I am so lucky to have you in my life. Thank you little Theodore for always being there to talk, I love you and will miss you next year! Eddy, you're a great friend and coach, the dedication you have shown to making me the best runner I can be has been incrdible and I am so fortunate that our paths crossed years ago. Coach Forrest, what you have done for my team and I has been really impressive, I really get the feeling that you would do whatever it took to allow us to reach our full potential. Thanks to all my teammates for being there for me, all you guys are so talented and could do great things together. Thank you Margot for the great converage! Thank you to Brian and Jessica for setting the bar so high in AZ! You two have taken the state to a whole new level. For those who I forgot, thank you and please forgive me.


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