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Q&A with Carrie Tollefson

Three time qualifier Carrie Tollefson shares her thoughts on playing other sports while running and the Midwest Regional.

Q: Can you please describe some of the most important memories from your FLCC experience?
A: My most important memories of FLCC are competing at the highest level you can compete at for high school cross country against the best in the country. Meeting so many great athletes that I am still friends with to this day. Getting to spend time with Olympians and National Champions that took the time to tell us to believe in our dreams. Staying at the Del. The list can go on and on but those are just a few that stuck out.

Q: Can you provide some tips for runners preparing for the regionals?
A: When I was preparing for nationals I was already in my basketball season. I was one of those kids that was doing FLCC for the fun of it and not to add pressure. It was sort of the icing on the cake for me. I prepared for regionals by running by myself and just going for it. I knew I had to make it in the top 8 then and I just focused on being tough. I ended up finishing 2nd my first year and winning the regionals my last two years. It was so much fun and had a great time with my family in Wisconsin.

Q: Do you have any tips for runners who qualify and have one or two weeks of downtime between their regional race and the Nationals?
A. After regionals, I put in a few hard workouts (but again I was playing basketball so really I would use that as my sprint workouts) and we would run 4-5 times a week either before school or after. It really was just trying to maintain fitness between my state meets which were the first weekend of Nov. until Dec. I was always active, so my fitness level was always high.

Q: What are some race strategies for the runners at the National Finals?
A: Nationals are a dog fight but it is will always be one of those races I will never ever forget. The course is great, the organization is great, the athletes are so much fun to get to know and not just read about, and the overall experience is sort of like being at the Olympics for a teenager. It is something you will never forget, so enjoy it and run as hard as you can. It will be fast but it is over even faster so hang on for the ride and kick like crazy!

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Midwest Regional - November 29, 2008
Kenosha, WI

South Regional - November 29, 2008
Charlotte, NC

Northeast Regional - November 29, 2008
Bronx, NY

West Regional - December 6, 2008
College - Walnut, CA

National Finals - December 13, 2008
San Diego, CA

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